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We hope that the storm hasn't blown you away, have a nice 2nd advent!

For many people Christmas always has to do with cozy lights and candles. How about if we tinker something special today?

- cybie

Lantern with Tomb Raider design

  • Printed template
  • Card stock (black, or dark color,
    minimum length 420mm / A3)
  • Transparent paper
  • Glue stick
  • Card board as an underlay
  • Scissors
  • Carpet knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper clips


You can also download this instruction as PDF file by clicking on the button above.

Download the template here.



1) Print out the templates first. Cut the paper along the black lines in the center, in order to get four individual patterns.

From the eight crew members of the Endurance you can choose four that you want on your lantern. Of course you can also tinker a second lantern later with the other four.

2) Cut out a strip of card stock. This must be as high as one of the templates and slightly wider than four.

Put this four templates next to each other and draw in the appropriate dimensions. Remember to leave a narrow strip (about 8 mm). This will be later used for sticking together.

If there is not quite enough space, you can also cut a little from the border of the templates. Then it will be just a little bit thiner.

3) Cut along the marked lines. To really get straight edges, the best is to use a ruler and cut along with the carpet knife.

Those, who have a steady hand, manages this surely with scissors too.

4) To fold your lantern more easily later, it's better to make the kinks now. Put to a template to the left edge and a ruler on the right side of the template. Open your scissors and score along the ruler with your scissors. Do not push too hard (that you cut directly through the card stock), but firmly enough that a visible scratch remains.

5) Move over the template to the right so that it now rests on the left of the line and scratch here again on the right side.

Repeat this two more times.

6) The strip of card stock should now be divided into four rectangles as big as a template and a narrow strip on the far right.

Now fold along the pre-scratched lines. So you'll get nice straight kinks.

7) Now take your first pattern that you want on the lantern and align it on the card stock. Lock it into position with paper clips, that it can not slip. By now, you should put a cardboard as an underlay under it, so you won't make any scratches into the table with the carpet knife. You can to use the back of a pad of paper, cut it out from a pack of breakfast cereal, or from a shipping box. It doesn't matter how it looks, it should be just thick enough.

8) Everything's ready? Then, now cut out all the white areas on the template with the knife. Cut directly through the template to cut the areas in the card stock too.

Start first with the small areas. If you would cut out the large areas first, the card stock could easily slip when you try to cut out the small areas - you will cut wrong.

In the very small areas it may not be possible to cut normally. Instead, put the knife on the edge and push it straight down. But the knife has to be sharp enough.

After the small areas, dedicate yourself to the medium-sized areas now. Some of these areas are quite rugged with very irregular edges. Don't try to cut them out in one piece necessarily. It is better to cut out smaller pieces individually.

When you have cut all of the edges, and the area is still stuck, you should lift the card stock and press with a pen in the center of the area, to push it out to the back. Always keep hold of the card stock with one hand while cutting, so that nothing slips or breaks.

If you accidentally cut too far into it, or while unhinge an area you rip something off that should stay on it actually: do not panic! These parts you may fix again in a later step. Just put them aside, so they won't get away.

Finally, you can cut out the large outer area now. Cut the edge better with the attached ruler, so it will be straight.

9) If you have cut out everything, you can remove the paper clips and template. If it is not broke, you can use it again later possibly. Have you done everything correctly, you should now be able to recognize the particular crew member well. Now take the next pattern and stick it again with paper clips to the card stock. Again, cut out all the white areas, at first the small, then the big ones.

Repeat the whole thing again with other patterns for the two remaining sides. This will certainly take a while. But take your time and do it properly, then you can benefit a long time of it. You finally do not have to necessarily finish it in one day.

The hardest part is already done. Time to clean up a bit.

10) Now you need transparent paper. This is usually sold in folders with different colors. You can complete the lantern in one color, or you can use different colors. Put another template on the paper and draw the dimensions to cut out a rectangular piece. The piece can also be a few millimeters smaller than the template.

11) Flip the card stock over, so you have the back in front of you. Take the glue stick and coat the first panel with glue. Always hold the card stock with one hand to rip no small parts, when you press the glue stick on it. Be sure to put a good amount of glue on the border. Place the transparent paper straightly. It works best if you only press one edge on it and then roll it off slowly. Press it on firmly. Now is also a good opportunity to may glue torn pieces back on.

12) Paste also transparent paper on the other three panels.

13) Now you can fold the lantern. Put also glue on the narrow strip (front side) next to the subjects. Fold the lantern and glue it together. Use paper clips to hold it together until the glue has dried.

14) Done! Light a tea light.
For security reasons, you should better place the candle in a glass or a bowl. Never leave open fire unattended!

15) Then put your lantern on it.

Now you have a beautiful Christmas decoration, with Tomb Raider design.


Please send us a photo of your finished lantern via email, we are really looking forward to your works!
Subject: TRForge Christmas - Lantern

You can also post your photos on our Facebook page:

- uranos1


Yeaaaahhh! What would TRForge be without a contest? Here's the second question.

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