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Winter Choice

by Tifa Nazah


Like in the beginning of a fairy tale from a book Lara awakes inside the wilderness. Normally she shouldn't spend christmas eve all alone. But which path should she take? Is Lara going to find her way out of the wilderness to spend christmas with her most important person?


  • The sense of the game is to come to decisions. So that you can not change your mind in the short term, "saving" and "loading" are disabled in the game.
  • Depending on your decision you can get 7 different endings.
  • There are NO secrets.
  • This level is peaceful but that doesn't mean Lara can't die.


The download package has been enlarged only for you! It still contains the old level, but you can now also find a directory called "godmode". - Copy all files from it into your main directory and you will be playing like a god - the best part is that you can save anytime you like! Contest participators are not allowed to use this mode!


Winter Choice


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