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TRForge Tomb Raider Screenshot Contest

08.-28. April 2013

( German )

Best screenshot: Lara Reborn

Which was that one moment, in your opinion, that shows Lara's rebirth in the new Tomb Raider game? When did Lara become the heroine, that you learned to know and love? Capture that moment in a screenshot, write a couple of lines why this moment was so special for you and send us that special moment to participate in our contest.
Please send us the original screenshot without editing it in any way.

The winner gets:
XBox 360 wireless controller, Tomb Raider Art-/Comicbook, 2x Concept Art prints, Nora Tschirner foto
Print of your submitted winning screenshot.







Best screenshot: Have a sense of humour

Every game has its glitches and sometimes Lara gets into the most weird and unintentionally humourous situations. Take that chance and take a screenshot to share with us to participate in our contest! You can add a caption to the picture (optional), but other than that, please don't edit it in any way.

The winner gets:
Limited Lara Croft Lithograph, Tomb Raider Art-/Comicbook, 3x Concept Art print, Nora Tschirner foto
Print of your submitted winning screenshot.

About the screenshot contest

Please submit your entries to the contest to until 28th April 2013, 23:59h GMT+1
Our Jury (Soul, cybie, Nadine) will pick the winners and announce them on May 1st.

Please only submit screenshots to this competition that you took yourself. No more than one entry per person per category (Lara Reborn / Have a sense of humour).

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