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Mission Cinnamon Star

by gabiza7


The Dino Christmas Land has already been decorated wonderfully (ok, there is only snow on the ground but what do you expect from dinosaurs?). Really stupid is that one day before Christmas the Snowmachine crashed caused by a operator error. Now, it looks like it won't snow on Christmas Day. But there is one hope: Lara. She has to find three cinnamon stars to refloat the Snowmachine.


The installation is really simple, you only have to unzip the level and to click on tomb4.exe. This should work. Do not delete anything in the level folder. You need to create a folder called save in the trle directory.


To all players who own a widescreen, you are able to have a slim instead of a fat Lara. Activate Widescreen Mode in the setup of tomb4.exe. Maybe a few people will have problems with the sounds or tomb4.exe even won't start. Please check whether a codec for ogg vorbis has been installed on your PC.

Secrets: 2

Testers: Codo, Soul, michum, TifaNazah


Mission Cinnamon Star


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