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Deep Down Below

by Codo


Christmas night was very stormy. Santa Claus lost some of the gifts during his flight. Some of them even sunk in the sea where the elves could not recollect them. To make things worse, some sea citizens do not like humans very much and hid some of the gifts. The mermaid Cordelia however offers help to Santa.


Cordelia’s swimming controls are the same as Lara’s, but as a mermaid she cannot drown. Explore the depths of the sea and collect as many gifts as possible. There are 30 29 overall. Experienced explorers might find three extra rewards.
There is no defined end to this level. You can end it whenever you wish by swimming towards Santa.
Mermaids are peaceful guardians of the sea. Even the predators will not do them any harm. There are no dangers in this game. However, the deep sea is an alien place and might be a bit scary for little children.

The level can be played without the level editor.


Deep Down Below


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