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7 Missing Gifts

by Tifa Nazah


It is christmas eve and Lara prepares herself inside her room. She waers a nice dress and is on the way to get her hair ready when an unexpected Guests arrives carrying a letter…


No installation required, just dezip the files and click on tomb4.exe to play the game. For english version no other changes needed. If you want to play the game in german refer to the german instruction above.
Attantion! Pistols Ammo (needed to solve some puzzles) and Flares (not really needed) are limited in this level – use them with caution!
There are no enemies, but that doesn’t mean Lara can’t die. (e.g. by falling from too high, drowning, etc.)
To finish the level one must share 7 Gifts, but not all are accessable at the begining, some need Lara to find a loop way
Also there are 7 pickupable secrets with no further prupose
The sledge is pulled by a reindeer, not a mountain goat – rock climbing is not useful and shouldn’t be done, it will just make the sledge and Lara to be blocked and pinned so you will have to reload the game
Never save directly after solving a puzzle, please wait at least 5 seconds


7 Missing Gifts


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