TRForge Adventskalender

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Today there are two little goodies in our Advent calendar - a little quiz to score some more points plus some textures made by me.

the Quiz the textures

The TRForge Advent calendar quiz

Answer the following questions and send your answers to
The correct answers to these questions will be made public on Dec. 25th.

A: What kind of new pet does Lara have in TifaNazah's "A Night Before Christmas"?

B: From which part (location) of Tomb Raider Underworld is the screenshot in this wallpaper?

C: Do you recognize the creature that crawled out of Codo's Origami starbox? What's the name of the director of first movie that creature appeared in?

D: What do you need to do to in order to finish Piper's Sanctuary of the Elements demo? (What is the last thing Lara does before you get back to the title sequence?)

E: What is the name of the level this screenshot from the lighting tutorial was taken in?

F: Did you have fun with the second Origami tutorial? Well, if you have paper that has two differently coloured sides (let's say blue and silver) and you wish to create a silver star - which side of the paper (blue or silver) has to be on top in step four so that the star will be silver in the end?


G: From which Tomb Raider game are most of the textures used in the screenshots that present the city object wad from Nadine?

the textures

This is a textures set containg grass, sand, flower and brick wall textures. All textures were created by me in Photoshop and are all 128x128px in size. If you use any of these textures in your level make sure you credit me (Nadine L. / Horus) in the readme.