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Guess the custom level

by Soul

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Like in 2012 we finally have a custom level crossword puzzle for you again!

To fill in the blanks you'll need this collage (click to enlarge) — the numbered questions below all refer to the respective pictures.

Download the crossword puzzle below. It's available as DOC, PDF (crossword+hints) and JPG (only the crossword):


Good luck!


4. The author in question isn't only a legend when it comes to levelbuilding...

6. Which level is this picture from? It was built by 3 authors! (2 words)

10. In this screenshot you can see Lara at some place in Ireland. In which city does the adventure start in this recently released custom level?

11. This must be the most well-known location of the whole TR-series but who rebuilt it? Write the nickname of the author down (2 words).

12. An abandoned amusement park, a mysterious murder and a rollercoaster-ride make this game an unforgettable experience. What's the surname of its author?

14. The depicted level is quite a few years old but it's still entertaining and in's Top 10. Enter the nickname of its author!

15. Quo vadis level editor? The author behind the depicted level keeps setting new standards in the LE-world and shows us what's still possible with the good ol' TR4-engine. What's the name of his latest release?

17. Which construction that's made of 27 theme-rooms does Lara have to escape from in this game?

18. Conveyor Belts! Fire! Machines! -> Steampunk par excellence! What's the name of the city, Lara visits in this great game?



1. Two authors worked on the very atmospheric custom level that's depicted here. Write down the nickname of the female one.

2. An implacable fight between Heaven and Hell? Sounds nice! What's the name of the level?

3. In this game by a French builder, Lara is searching for a legendary sword. What's the name of this sword?

5. The nickname of the author in question is connected to a successful video-game-series, the level's name has a nightmarish villain from Batman in it.

7. In this great custom level, Lara is exploring a mysterious temple near the coast of Japan. Write down the full name of the game! (2 words)

8. The LE-community has already seen many different things, but this "Cluedo-Game" is unique. What's the name of the village/town this murder-investigation takes place in?

9. This quiz wouldn't be complete without mentioning this highly entertaining release. One of its numerous levels sends us down memory to Lara's time as a student at ____________ academy.

13. Write down the nickname of the author of this very atmospheric debut-level.

16. The screenshot is from a very challenging multilevel custom game that can be separated into 3 parts. Where does the third one play?

If you want to publish this riddle or parts of it elsewhere, please ask Soul for permission previously!