TRForge Weihnachten

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The entire TRForge team wishes a merry Christmas all over the world, no matter how (and if ;)) you celebrate it!

After the long waiting time it's finally the time for the gift giving...!


Thanks alot to Ola for the amazing Christmas packages!

The winner of the contest!

23 people has entered our this year's contest, but only 12 were able to qualify for the drawing...!

On this weekend the electronic TRForge lottery pot™ has calculated a winner, affectionately. The TRForge mug goes to:


Jesús Antonio Rojas López


The TRForge team will contact the winner for further information.

Also, for Christmas the trusty calendar hero DJ Full has sent us a wonderful, selfmade video from Poland.


Thanks a lot to everyone who has joined our contest!
We wish you a happy new year 2014!


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