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The other day while cleaning my room an old box with letters crossed my way... Inside I found long ago lost treasures... Apart from some love letters from already forgotten people also a small collection of birthday and Christmas cards. I decided to share some of them with you.

Even though I rarely send cards, I'm always glad when I get some. The first two cards, I want to share with you, are from my neighbor. About 16 years ago I moved into my current home. By this time I visited the 6th class in a German high school (I think that would be like last year of junior class in UK). In my new class I met a new friend and coincidentally she was my direct neighbor, too. She made the card with the star shaped self-made potatoes stamps.

I think it even was the first Christmas card I have ever gotten for only myself and not the whole family. Also, you can already see how much I was worshipping horses by that time. But also other clues about my secret loves at that time can be found: the anime "Sailor Moon" (especially Sailor Uranus), the German girl band: "Tic Tac Toe" and my huge love for astronomy - one of my biggest dreams, apart from an own horse, was to be the first human on the mars. This red planet somehow always had a very important role in my life - the time the mars rover landed was a moment I will never ever forget... Also some year(s) later the card with the bear on top must have arrived into my post box... Obviously a stamp on it was unnecessary, as the way from hers to my house was only a few meters. I'm wondering if I ever made a card for her?


Let us stay by cards received in my childhood from friends. I got an uncountable number of letters from a friend, that some of you might know from the TRLE community as Chun Li. She used to draw from time to time, but unfortunately didn't press hard down with the pencil. The years also grayed the paper and made the already pale drawing even worse to see. I hope you still can see the seal on it.



Another very creative card came from my friend Jaimy. I totally love the optic of this card. The tree and the stars are cut out of the blue cartboard and from the backside a green going into yellow transparent paper is glued on it. It looks even more beautiful when you hold it against the light, so that the light can shine through it. Wouldn't that be a good idea for your kids to do?


Let us go back again to people from the TR community, does someone maybe recognize his or her card? A lovely motive can be found on the next one, of course my favorite animal, a horse. I always loved winter pictures with dark horses in the snow. Because there is no stamp on the postcard I think it must have arrived in an envelope, but I wasn't able to find it. The following handwritten two-sided letter is also from someone I got to known because of TRLE. The letter states that I shouldn't open the present attached to it before December the 24th... Lovely handwriting, don't you think? If I remember rightly there came a lovely present with this letter. It was a special kind of sugar with flavour you could put into your tea. Tea was also one of my biggest passions by that time. I even had a huge tea collection in those days.


Not long ago a friend of mine was in Japan. He spent one year there and I was so happy, when this Christmas card from Japan dropped into my post box. I simply love the design and the picture on this one. The card has its own charm, full of details but still decent and heart-warming.


And last (but not least) a small selection of Christmas cards I have gotten on Christmas day from my boyfriend. Some of you might know his voice from the dragons voice inside my previous advent level "Icecave".


Well! Don't you think it would be a good time now to search and look through your old letters and cards?

- TifaNazah

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