December the 9th: Level by gabiza7

While a gale is blowing outside, Lara can rescue herself in a tower, but unfortunately she also locked herself in this tower. At first you should try to help her get out of the tower again, at second Lara had to do a special task inside the tower. Do you find out what task is it?


1. Testers:

So many thanks to my level testers






for spending your time while testing my level and giving me hints - so I was able to create a better level. Also many thanks to all guys from TRForge who helped me to solve level problems.


2. Object designers:

I would also say thank you to all designers of objects and textures, which I'm using in my level:


-lara outfit by Trangel

-sofa, chair and tables by Trangel

-horizon by Koldocroft

-Fir tree by Trix

-icicle and crystals by TifaNazah

-snowy horse by TifaNazah

-table and chair by TifaNazah

-fireplace by Eva (?)

-key by Horus (?)

-water textures by illyaine

-rock textures by maikoon

-Bergtier (mountain animal?!) by cybie

-every object designer I forgot to mention


The mountain animal by cybie


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Stuck in my or any other TRForge advent calendar? Do you have technical issues while playing? No problem, use our forum to find a solution for your problem and to discuss with the level designers and other players. My level won't run on a mac. Important: Please, use sixshooter ammo sparingly. If you are playing my level on a computer monitor which has an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10, please activate the widescreen option in tomb4 setup.

Don't host my level on your server, please! Thank you :-)